Serena Shoe Company started from the town of SanChong in Taipei City (TAIWAN) back in 1979.  The group began adding production facilities in ShenZhen (CHINA) in 1992.  That was the year Sabrina factory was born.  In 2007, Serena Headquarter re-located to HuiZhou City while keeping original production locations in Taiwan and ShenZhen.  Most recently in 2008, the group introduced the Lido factory to specialize in the domestic China market.

       President and CEO James Wang expanded the group’s operations internationally by setting up companies in USA, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.  The current sampleroom is staffed with over 500 employees with the best skilled hands off the production floor.  Most of the development/designs originate from the Taiwan office.  There are a total of 5 in-house brands including LIDO and TERRI that are being manufactured in the Taiwan factory.

With over 30 years of success, Serena Shoe Group now has multiple production facilities worldwide and up to tens of thousands of employees willing and able to meet today’s customer’s demands.


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